Monday, May 13, 2013

So very sorry

Hi all, 

Just here to apologize to you all and give you some insight as to why the posts are coming way later than expected. 

Aside from the fact that I've been struggling with Hypermobility Syndrome. Even after having it my entire life it has been acting up since this year which made me almost wheelchair bound. I'm at a clinic two days a week now to help me get stronger and live the way a regular 22 year old should. 

Aside from all this my dad has been diagnosed with heart failure. He's had a heart attack which he luckily survived but the angioplasty failed and they couldn't place a stent. Now he's been waiting for open heart surgery for over a month and the entire family is on edge. 

Also Richie being MIA for the past couple weeks isn't helping my muse at all either. So all in all it's just a combination of things keeping me from updating.
I sincerely hope you all understand. Thank you for reading and don't give up yet! This story is far from over!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chapter Thirteen

Pounding down the stairs of the Sambora house, Ava rushed into the kitchen to pick up an apple and took a bite, still standing.  Rosa raised a questioning brow at the young girl who was clad in light jeans, flip flops and a peach colored top. “Good morning Miss. Ava, you seem in a hurry?” She asked her as she made Mr. Richie’s daughter her favorite breakfast smoothie.

Swallowing a bite of the apple Ava nodded enthusiastically. “Sure am Rosa. Lynn is taking me shopping for the horse show next weekend.” A spark lit up her eyes at the thought of shopping for show clothing without her dad present to decline everything because it made her look mature.

Rosa laughed at this and shook her head as she poured the smoothie in a to-go bottle. “You take this then and meet up with Ms. Jocelynn. I saw her come back from the barn a couple of minutes ago so I assume Oliver and Dylan have been fed.”

The foal had arrived two weeks ago and Ava had spent every waking minute with him, whenever she wasn’t practicing with Oliver of course. The Samboras and Jocelynn had spent an entire afternoon debating over a suitable name since his given name was mainly for the papers and not very affectionate. The two horses got along instantly and Oliver set out to teach the young man some manners too.

Ava grinned and took the bottle from Rosa. “Thanks Rosa, you’re the best!” Waving as she exited the kitchen she took off towards the guest house only to find Jocelynn already outside. “Hey you all done? I’m so excited!” She exclaimed in joy.

Jocelynn pushed the sunglasses down to the bridge of her nose and smiled. The shopping trip was a wonderful excuse to finally wear one of the sundresses she had brought along with her. This one, a pale blue matched with a faded denim jacket, was one of her favorites. Seeing Ava’s flip flops she grinned and pointed. “Good morning Ava. I see that we match today,” eliciting a giggle from the girl. “I’m glad that you’re excited, so am I. Now let’s get going.”

An hour and a half later they were in another shop, this time trying on different hats. “How about this one Lynn?” Ava asked as she looked in the mirror.

Since it was a summer show she could wear a straw hat and had already tried on at least six of them in all shapes. Jocelynn was looking through a rack of belts and as she looked up she smiled and nodded. “That’s gotta be the one. It looks beautiful on you. Put that on the counter, I think I found a great belt too.” Picking it up from the rack she circled it around Ava’s petite waist and smiled that the size was right. The black leather belt was decorated with silver dots and pale pink Swarovski stones. The color scheme Ava had chosen was fairly popular, as she found a great hair clip in the store where they had also picked up some neat looking black jeans.

“I love this!” Pulling the belt through the loops in her jeans she studied it in the mirror. “Daddy won’t know what hit him when I show him!”

Jocelynn smiled and nodded at the comment. “You’re gonna blow him away. Let’s check out and go find you a blouse and chaps.” Turning towards the cash register they left the store with another large bag. Heading down the street the conversation flowed easily. At only fourteen, Ava was nothing like a child anymore. Her views on life and her passion for Oliver was admirable.

“Daddy we’re back!” Ava yelled as they entered the main house, carrying bags of clothes. The girl had convinced Jocelynn to buy some new jeans and a couple of shirts in the last store.

Richie turned the corner and found the two females in the living room, surrounded by their purchases. “Is my credit card blocked now?” He asked with a grin. Ava huffed but hugged him nonetheless. “Did you have fun babygirl?”

She nodded happily. “It was great, want us to model what we’ve bought?” Her eyes sparkled with joy and a smile spread over her face.

Nodding, Richie looked at the amount of bags. “You both change into what you bought and I’ll make myself comfortable here.” Patting the couch he slid down onto it and smiled at Jocelynn. She had been watching his interaction with Ava with a smile on her face. Now blushing as their eyes met. “I’m curious to see what you got.” Another grin and Ava pulled Jocelynn upstairs to her room to change.

Only a few minutes later Ava was the one who descended the stairs first. Wearing her entire show outfit and a dazzling smile. Richie looked up at the sound and sucked in a breath. Looking her over he frowned slightly. “Babygirl you look wonderful.” That much was true, it was mostly the form fitting jeans and blouse that had him worried as they showed off her rapidly blossoming feminine figure. Using his hand he motioned her to twirl. Which she happily did. “That looks great, you and Lynn did a great job.”

“Thanks Daddy.” She moved closer and wrapped her arms around his neck before taking a seat next to him and waiting for Jocelynn to come down.  “Lynn, hurry. We wanna see what you got.” Ava near yelled as she heard the first steps on the staircase.

Richie eyed the doorway and felt the air leave  his lungs and his mouth run dry. Jocelynn was standing in the middle of the room in tight dark wash jeans and a form fitting short babydoll made of purple cotton and the hem made of black lace. “After your daughter’s persuasion I just couldn’t leave these. What do you think?” She knew damn well what he thought, she thought the same thing whenever he was strutting around in his tight t-shirts.

After clearing his throat he eyed her again. “That looks great on you Lynn.” He spoke, his voice slightly hoarse. Turning his gaze from her and to his daughter he smiled. “You made a good call there Babygirl. You’ll both look great at the show, gonna take all the attention from me.” His hand settled over where his heart was, he feigned hurt.

Ava glanced at her father and grinned, knowing exactly what was going on. Her plan was going well. Scooting over she wrapped her arms around his torso. “You’re the big rock star daddy. You’ll get your share of attention.” She grinned as her father tickled her sides.

“Brat!” Ava’s squeals of laughter could be heard throughout the house and Jocelynn quickly got over to help the little girl from the grip of her father. Only to get him turn his attention to her and chase after her as she set off. Leaving Ava on the couch to cross her arms and raise an eyebrow as she gave a coy smile.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Chapter Twelve

Over the following weeks Ava made a steady recovery. Both Richie and Heather weren’t comfortable enough for her to return to riding but that wouldn’t be too long out. Meanwhile she visited often and just walked around the ground with Oliver and watched Jocelynn ride or teach Richie how to ride.

Richie had spent the past week in Jersey to write some more with Jon and finish up some other songs while Jocelynn stayed behind and trained Oliver. She’d also spent a good amount of time visiting ranches and looking for a nice yearling for Ava. One in particular had caught her eye and as soon as  she’d taken Ava to meet him they were both in love. The light palomino stallion was 13 months old and great with people. By the time they were done visiting, the foal had both of them wrapped around his little hoof. After settling on a price she arranged for them to deliver the young horse three weeks later.

Richie too, had been making a lot of progress. They’d filmed him doing an easy reining pattern and sent it to Jon, who in turn was shocked. Richie wasn’t a competition rider but he could hold his own on a horse now. It was time again for another lesson today before they had a barbeque with Ava and her friend Jasmine. Jocelynn had trained Oliver in the early morning so he would have enough energy for another ride now.

Right now Jocelynn was in Olly’s paddock, seated on the dusty ground and feeding the horse some carrots when Richie arrived. He stayed back into the shadows and watched her interact with the animal. Not a care in the world and completely trusting him not to step on her. He could see her whispering to the large horse but couldn’t hear a word she was saying. The light wash denim shorts were slightly colored from the sand as were her brown boots. The light grey tank top was tight and gave him a great view of what was underneath. After a few moments he felt too much like a stalker and walked over to her.

“So that’s how you get him to listen? Spoiling him?” He spoke with a youthful grin as he approached her. Jocelynn lifted her head to meet his eyes and smiled. “You gonna lay around all day or are ya gonna teach me some of that cool stuff?”

At this Lynn grinned. “Tough decision. Think I’ll go with laying around.” Tipping the straw hat down to cover her eyes she leaned back against the fence. “You, help yourself. Just don’t wake me.”

Richie laughed and grabbed Oliver’s halter and leadrope from a hook on the wall and entered the paddock. “You go do your thing, I’m gonna get this boy ready for some fun.” Today he was without his Stetson, knowing Jocelynn would steal it away again otherwise. He had learned his lesson from last time.

“That was a good one Rich. Now on the next circle, sit forward a bit and let your hands move forward too. Then make a kissy sound. Olly should go into an easy lope.” Jocelynn spoke loudly from the centre of the corral. “Don’t worry, I see you tensing up. You’re ready for this, I know you are.”

Richie’s face scrunched up in concentration as he did as Jocelynn explained the way to position his body. The jog had been going fine for a while and although he had done a lope while on a long rope before, doing it himself made him nervous.

“Now do the sound.” Jocelynn spoke as he positioned his body, Olivier increased his speed already because he  knew what was coming. “Richie, do the damn kissy sound!”

He did and Olivier jumped into a slow and steady lope. Going for a few circles left they went back to a couple rounds of walk before taking on a lope on the other hand. Lynn clapped her hands and squealed in delight. “This is awesome!” Richie exclaimed happily.

“You’re doing great, let’s go for a few more rounds in walk to cool him down. You both did amazing today!” Letting out a sigh she moved over to the fence and easily hopped over. Strolling into the barn she switched on the water supply outside and emptied a bucket of grains into Oliver’s feeding bin. Closing the stable door behind her she leaned against it. Her thoughts drifting to the wonderful man outside.

Pinching the bridge of her nose she closed her eyes and heard Richie lead Oliver to the washing spot and talking animatedly at him. A grin spread over her face as she walked out and smiled.


The following day Lynn invited Ava for lunch after the young girl had her first ride with Oliver after the accident. Nothing more than a simple walk and short jog but she was nothing short of thrilled. They had picked out a nice restaurant and sipped on their water as they discussed Ava’s progress.

“You’ve done really well. Oliver is responding well to you and even though the fall was pretty nasty, you were confident back in the saddle.” Lynn spoke as the waiter left with their orders.

Ava smiled happily and nodded. “You’ve taught me well.” A grin appeared, making the resemblance to her father hard to miss. “He’s a great horse and the fall wasn’t his fault. I’m just happy mom and dad are still letting me ride. Especially with the little one joining the barn. He’s gonna be a handful when he grows up.”

Jocelynn couldn’t help but smile at the wise words from the fourteen year old in front of her. “You got that right. At least you’ll have a bunch of experience before he’s that far. You’re learning quickly and I’m very proud.” Another sip of her water and she glanced around. “I know your mom and dad want to protect you, but I think you should try entering a competition with Olly. Nothing serious, just to try it.”

If the girl wasn’t shocked enough at the compliments her jaw now litterally dropped. “Are you serieus? Do you think he’s good enough yet? Do you think I’m ready for that?” She spoke, trying to get her thoughts straightened out. “The plan was just to do some outdoor trail rides with him...”

“I do believe it would do both of you good. It wouldn’t be to win prizes yet, just to get some more experience.” Jocelynn explained. “For me it always helped to work under pressure, mistakes become more clear then. How small they might be. You could benefit from that and use the information to your advantage when your foal is ready to get trained.”

Ava visibly thought about it for a short while and the waiter came with their orders. Picking at her salad she smiled. “Why not, it’s not like I have anything to lose.” They shared a smile and continted to munch on their lunch.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Chapter Eleven

Three adults were gathered in the kitchen area of the Sambora house. Rosa had a day off and they wanted to make the most of the evening since Jon would be leaving the following morning to return to his family. Jocelynn had volunteered to cook so long as the boys would be in charge of drinks and dessert. Richie had volunteered to help on the main course but after seeing Jon’s face scrunch up she politely declined his offer.

“Damn that smells good.” Jon spoke as he entered the kitchen. Jocelynn was behind the stove wearing a pink apron, hair pulled back into a messy bun and sweat beads on her forehead. “Looks good too.” He passed her and planted a kiss on her temple.

“Flattery will get you nowhere Mr. Bongiovi. Pour me some wine and your compliments will be worth something.” Winking she returned to stirring the pasta sauce and letting her mind wander. If anyone had told her a month ago that she would be cooking pasta for two rockstars she would have laughed at them. Jon fixed her a glass of red wine and sniffed above the pot. Lynn grinned and grabbed a tiny spoon to pick up a bit of the red sauce.

“Try it.” She ordered,  and Jon willingly accepted the spoon. He shuts his eyes and moaned outloud.

When opening his eyes he noticed both Lynn and Richie staring at him. “Damn girl, that is good.” Glancing at his best friend he noticed a jealous look pass his eyes. “Rich, man, try it. Damn!”

Jocelynn burst out laughing at his enthusiasm. Grabbing another spoon she scooped up another small amount and let Richie try some too. His eyes widened and he fervently nods his head at his friend. “Approved. You’re hired. Oh wait you already were…” Laughing he helped Lynn pick up the pots and fill the three plates.

“Bon app├ętit boys.” Lynn spoke as she picked up her plate and moved to the island part of the kitchen and set it down next to her glass of wine. “Don’t get used to it Mr. Sambora. This is special treatment because HRH is leaving.” Jon winked at her and chuckled.

“Thank you darling, that is very sweet of you.” He kissed her cheek and puts his plate down next to hers. “The cab will be here at 8 tomorrow to take me to the airport. We can do our goodbye’s in private with Mr.Lazy sleeping.”

Richie glared at his best friend. He would now make sure his alarm clock was set for the following morning. At least with Jon gone it would be a fair fight.

“Wouldn’t want to be in your shoes tomorrow Kidd. Your kids are gonna go crazy to have you back.”Sambora not-so-subtly changed the subject. “What’s our plan tomorrow Lynn?”

Jocelynn grinned. “You up for another riding lesson or is your bum already bruised?”


“Woman it’s been too long!”

“Sorry Relda, I’ve been keepin’ busy down here though. How’re the boys?” Jocelynn stretched out on her bed and grinned as she kept the phone to her ear. She figured Relda and Jack should know how well Oliver was doing. And what happened to Ava.

“They’re a handful, as usual. Jack has been working too hard and the little one should be in school more so he doesn’t drive me crazy. How is the rockstar’s girl and her horse doing?” Relda’s voice was soft and soothing through the speaker.

“Once Timmy has a girlfriend you’ll be wishing him home, just you wait.” Jocelynn laughed. “Horse is doin’ more than fine. Damn Relda it’s a great horse, it’s just that we took him for a trail ride a couple days back and he got spooked. You can imagine what happened with the girl. She was doing so well with him though, I’m afraid her mom isn’t gonna let her ride anymore at all…”

A sharp intake of breath was heard on the other side. “Is she okay? She’s not seriously hurt though right?

“No just some bruised ribs and a concussion. She’ll be fine in a couple of weeks. I think I’m gonna encourage her to take him to a show sometime soon. He’s should be a great horsemanship horse. Even reining after some more training.” Jocelynn took a sip from the water she had set on the bedside table.

“That’s good. Will she be up for that? Given her mother will let her ride again. Really though, Heather Locklear that bad?”

“Oh Relda you have no idea. I think she barely cares for the girl’s needs. She has so much potential and Richie is the only one letting that show.” 


The sun was barely up but Jocelynn was already at the stables to feed Oliver. She had talked to Richie about getting him a friend, so he wouldn’t be so lonely anymore. Richie agreed, obviously. That afternoon she would go out and visit a ranch to see if there was something there. The budget Richie made possible was enough to get a nice yearling with showing potential. Jocelynn would do some investigating and later discuss it with Ava.

Oliver was rubbing against her arm as she placed the bucket of food into his stable. Rubbing her hand across his neck he gazed at the petite woman who showed such a loving gesture. Jocelynn was wearing light wash bootcut denim jeans and a white tank top that hugged her curves. The brown leather boots topped off the look and her hair was pulled back in a messy ponytail.

Walking back towards the main house after opening the door that connected Oliver’s stable to his paddock, she arrived just in time to see Jon come out of the front door to toss his bags into the back of the cab. He was wearing a fitted white shirt and his hair was hidden beneath a baseball cap.

His smiled as he saw Jocelynn stroll towards him. Please don’t hurt my best friend, you two would be great for each other. Give him a chance. She stood in front of him and extended her arms. “I think you deserve a hug Mr. Bongiovi. It was great getting to know you.” She spoke as he stepped into her embrace.

“Likewise Ms. Reid. It has been nothing short of a pleasure. If you get sick of that old bastard, come visit me sometime?”

Jocelynn grinned. “I most certainly will take you up on that offer sir. Once I’m back on the East coast we should meet up. Bye Jon.” He squeezed her once more and released her to hug his best friend who had emerged as Lynn spoke.

“Thanks for everything bro.” Jon spoke as he hugged the other man. “Take good care of the pretty lady too.” He winks as they pull away.

Richie shot him a look. “Will do bro. I’ll come by soon. It’s been too long since I’ve seen Dot and the kids.” He says. “Have a safe trip.” Jon waves at both of them just before getting into the car.

“See ya later!” He exclaims with his window opened as the car pulls away. As the cab disappears behind a couple trees Jocelynn turns around to get back to the stables, only to be pulled back by the firm grip Richie has on her waist. She hadn’t noticed he slipped his arm around her and blushed.

Stepping away she turns around and faces him. “Ready to get a blue butt again cowboy?” She grinned and took off towards the barn, Richie following only two steps behind and laughing.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Chapter Ten

Lynn sucked in a breath as Richie appeared in the barn wearing perfectly fitted dark wash bootcut jeans, brown leather boots, skin tight black shirt and a black Stetson. He flashed her a smile and made a quick perusal of her body. Is she really a city woman? The guitarist let his eyes roam the denim clad legs, white tank top and light wash denim jacket topped by a Philadelphia Soul baseball cap to protect her face from the sun.

“Nice cap.” He noted grinning.

Lynn smiled and blushed while looking at the floor. “Yeah it seems that Jon is hell bent on getting me to enjoy football.” She tipped the hat and motioned for Richie to follow her. “If you’ll get Olly from his stable and cleaned I’ll get the tack out.” The man knew better than to argue and tell her he’d do the heavy lifting of the saddle.

“No problem teach.” He turned around and stood in front of the stables. Oliver was pressing his nose against a metal bar, begging to get attention. Richie snickered and as he opened the door let his hand stroke the velvety soft nose. “Come on buddy, let’s get you cleaned up.”

Meanwhile Jocelynn was getting a headstall and slung it over the horn of the saddle in the search of leg protectors. “I’d go for the pink.” Jon laughed from the door of the tack room. “I saw Rich brushing Oliver and thought it’d been too damn long since I had a good laugh.”

Lynn turned around in a flash with flushed cheeks. She had been hovering her hand above the pink leg protectors but was wondering if Richie would appreciate the joke. Now that at least Jon did, she grabbed the protectors and tossed them over at the man. “You know that will come back to bite you in the ass right?” She chuckled as she crossed her arms in front of her chest and cocked her head to the side. “I can’t force ya but I’d sure love to see you go all rodeo cowboy out there.”

Jon Bongiovi threw his head back and laughed. “Sure would sweetpie but my insurance would tie me down before I had the chance. Richie isn’t so important so the company doesn’t mind him breaking half the bones in his miserable body.”

“I heard that man!” Richie yelled as he re-entered the barn, clearly looking for the woman. “And in front of a lady too. Tsk tsk.” Flashing a dimpled grin at Jocelynn she smiled.

“Let’s get going boys. Time to work up some sweat.” She lifted the saddle, pad and bridle in her hands and walked past them effortlessly. “So part of riding is knowing how to saddle a horse.” She spoke as she put down the tack next to Oliver. Lifting her hand she stroked his neck. Richie nodded and looked around at the tack. “Let’s start with the leg protection.”

Richie moved forward and stared at the pink wraps. Lifting the two sets in his big hands he raised his brows and studied them. “Of these are front!” He exclaimed happily as he read the lettering. Getting down on his knees he fumbled with the velcro on the wraps as he strapped them to all four legs.

“Very good. Now place the pad on his back.” She instructed. Jon chuckled as the other man stared at the pad and turned it around half a dozen times only to let Jocelynn help him to place it. “And then the saddle.” Richie lifted up the heavy leather and swung it on the horse’s back. “The cinch you tie around just like this, see?” Richie nodded and Lynn loosened the cinch again to let him have a try.

“One day you’re gonna be a real cowboy man. Just hope you ain’t old and wrinkly before then.” Jon grinned with his arms crossed over his chest. “I’m gonna go check out the best seat to watch you ride. This is gonna be fun.” He took off towards the corral.

“He’s just trying to mess with your head. You’ll do fine. Oliver is a great horse to learn from and with.” Lynn said softly as she picked up the sidepull headstall. Sliding it over the horse’s ears she adjusted it properly and handed Richie the reins with one hand and head protection with the other.

Richie stared at the helmet. “You don’t like my hat?”

Jocelynn smirked. “Oh I love your Stetson, which is why you will wear this.” Taking the hat from his hair she placed it on her own head and tipped the front. “So then I can wear this.”

“Looks good on ya darlin’, now let’s get goin’.”

“Don’t just move your hands, he won’t know what to do. Look where you wanna go, let him feel your body moving and respond to that before you even move your hands.” Jocelynn was on the fence of the corral and explaining simple tricks to the handsome rookie. “See! That was good. Now sit deep, slide your feet forward a bit and say ‘woah’. Remember, sit deep. You’re gonna end up eatin sand otherwise.”

Richie moved his bottom down into the saddle and slid his feet forward, frowning slightly in concentration he said the word and Oliver was at a halt immediately. “It worked!” He cheered in joy. Both Lynn and Jon couldn’t help but laugh.

“Wanna try a jog?” Lynn asked, still smiling at Richie’s gleeful expression. “Olly has a really comfortable jog, shouldn’t be too hard.”

The man nodded his head and smiled. “Bring it on teach.”

“Move your hands forward a bit, then click with your tongue two times. If he doesn’t respond, squeeze your calves a little. Just don’t kick.”

Doing exactly as she told him Oliver went into an easy jog. Richie couldn’t help but laugh at the unnatural feeling and tried his best to move with the large horse under him. “How do I stop bouncing?” He asked quickly.

“Just move your hips with the flow. I’m sure you know how to do that.” Lynn winked and Jon let out a throaty laugh while Richie raised his brows. “Come on Rock Star, I’m not dumb. Move like you’re having a female under you instead of a gelded horse.”

By now Jon was holding his stomach and tears sprang to his eyes at the sight in front of him. “Yeah man, you ain’t the King of Swing for no reason. Show her what you got.” He said in between fits of laughter.

Once again the rider was frowning but as he loosened the muscles in his hips he noticed the bouncing lessening. “Now try to steer a bit. Just like we did before, make a small circle to the left first.” As Richie was paying attention to the steering he forgot about moving his body and let it move naturally. There was barely any bouncing left and he moved around the corral easily. “You wanna try to stop him again? Just do the same as before only get that nice ass of yours into the saddle deeper.”

Richie chuckled and went for a straight line before repeating his motions and saying the ‘magic word’. Sure enough it worked again but the impact of the stop made him launch forward just a bit.

“That’s why I needed you to use your ass a little more Rich. Do that from a rundown and you’ll be eating sand, no doubt.” Jocelynn chuckled. “Other than that it was great. Walk him around a little to cool off. This is enough for today.” She spoke as she hopped off the fence and walked to the other side of the corral. “Jon, you help him getting Olly in his paddock and gear in the tack room.”

Richie noticed her leaving and yelled. “You’re still wearing my hat!”

Calling out as she walked away, Lynn didn’t bother turning around, “Come and get it cowboy!”

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chapter Nine

Whirling around she felt the pressure on her arm she calmed as she saw who it was. Sending out a wide spread grin she returned to the car. “You shouldn’t scare me like that Mr. Bongiovi. I almost went all kung-fu on you.”

Jon smiled and caught up with her. “Can you give me a ride back? Richie forgot about me.” Okay so maybe that was a little lie. He had told his friend to go ahead and that he’d make sure Jocelynn got back safely. And was able to ask some questions that were on his mind.

Lynn nodded and smiled as she unlocked the car with a button on the key. “Hop on in.” As she was seated and put on her seatbelt she roared up the car and exited the parking lot. “Two choices. Either grocery shopping or picking up something at a drive thru.”

“Drive thru, no questions asked. Let me just call Rich and check if he wants something.” Jon noted as he pulled his front from the front pocket of his tight jeans. “Hey man, we’re on our way back. You want anything from drive thru? Alright man, see ya in a bit.” Ending the call he grinned. “Large hamburger from any joint we hit with a banana milkshake.”

Lynn shook her head and grinned. “Of course he wants to eat, when does he not want to eat…”

Silence fell over them but Jon decided it wouldn’t be for long. There was a question on the tip of his tongue, was now the right time? “Did you quit smoking?”

Jocelynn had trouble looking at the road at Jon’s question. She chuckled. “Not exactly quit, just smoking less when I can. And I try not to smoke around Ava, figured I am setting an example. So I take it you remember me now?”

Jon nodded. “I remembered your face as soon as you introduced yourself. Just to me a while to figure out where I knew you from. Then as Ava showed me the photos from last week my mind went into overdrive as I put the pieces of the puzzle together.”  He paused again..then spoke. “You’re an excellent photographer.”

“Yeah well it was bound to happen sooner or later.” Ignoring the compliment she turned around the corner and rolled up to the microphone at the drive thru, she pushed the side panel of the car and let the window roll down.

 After they picked up the food it was a quiet ride to Richie’s mansion. Lynn didn’t know what to say, if she should even say anything. Jon noticed her inner battle and let it rest for now.


“You don’t remember her?” Jon asked as he and Richie were alone later that night. Jocelynn had gone to the guest house shortly after dinner, saying she was tired.

Richie raised his eyes to meet the blue ones of his friend. “Remember who?” He knew damn well who. He just felt stupid that he couldn’t remember where he knew her from.

Jon sighed. “Lynn. We know her. I remember her. We’ve met her in New York a couple years back. She gave me a cigarette. She’s the hot photographer.”

“I’m so telling Dottie you’re crushing on her.” The guitarist tried to mask his disappointment. His friend had remembered. His mind was still a little foggy when it came to her. “But I haven’t seen her smoke here. You sure?”

A blond mop of hair moved up and down as Jon nodded. “Yeah man, I just asked her in the car. Wanna look up her concert shots?” At Richie’s nod he grabbed a laptop nearby and fired it up.

“The shots she took of Ava were good though.” A sigh escaped his lips. A vision appeared in his mind. A blonde beauty smiling at him, him kissing her hand. Finally. “Think the shots she took of us will be online somewhere?” He grinned as Jon typed away into the search bar.

A few clicks later and a site popped up. Clicking around they found what they were looking for. There they sat, looking at photo’s of their faces. Two masculine jaws dropped to the floor in shock. “Shit she’s good.”

“No shit Jonny boy. Damn that’s awesome.”

Scrolling through a couple more pages they commented on the photo’s of several bands and in several venues. Magazine scans from her photo’s in Rolling Stone and local newspapers had a separate section.  “She’s real successful. Why would she put it all on hold?”

“No idea man. What she told me about Jack is that she’s know him for years and helps him out every once in a while to get away from the city.” Richie replied. He couldn’t tear his eyes from the screen. She had a way with a camera, that was for sure.

“Hi dad.” Ava spoke softly from her luxurious bed in her mother’s \estate. “Did you bring Lynn?” Her bed was placed strategically in front of a large window, which unfortunately had the blinds down, to keep too much light worsening her concussion. Heather told him he had a short time to talk to her. He wanted to argue about it but knew better. The woman wasn’t in ‘mommy mood’ often but whenever she was there was no point arguing her.

Richie paused after he carefully hugged her. His brown eyes staring at hers. “Am I not good enough anymore?” He joked.

The girl laughed. “Not by a long shot dad.” He gasped and dramatically placed the back of his hand against his forehead. “Just kidding. You know I love you. Did you eat last night?”

“Yes mother I did.” He smiled. “Jon and Lynn got burgers. Did you know she’s a live photographer too? She’s real good.”

Ava eyed her dad as he spoke. There was something in his eyes she couldn’t quite place. He couldn’t. Could he? “I knew she was a professional photographer. Her gear says it all, although I never asked her about it. Why is this a big deal?”

Richie sighed. Yeah man, why is this a big deal? It wasn’t because she didn’t tell him straight up, it couldn’t be because she apparently didn’t trust him enough to tell him. “It’s not, just thought it was interesting. We’ve met a few years back.” He rubbed his neck. “So babygirl, how many of your friends have been here to spoil you? There’s a fortune worth of bathing products and chocolate.”

He didn’t exaggerate either. Bath oils and smelly bath bombs lined the dresser in her baby blue room. Boxes of chocolate and dvd’s between them. Ava smiled. “Jason, Ricky, Jasmine and Allison came by after school to drop off the work I need to do. Funny enough I don’t even mind the homework, at least I got something to do when I’m awake. Just sucks that I can’t use my laptop, mom says it’s bad for my concussion.”

“You mom is right. You shouldn’t get on your laptop, or watch tv. Take it easy on the homework too sweetie. I know that sounds crazy from me but the most important thing is you getting better. Olly sure misses you. Or as Lynn said, your horse cookies.”

He had found the woman in the stables that morning. She trained with Oliver for a bit while he watched her. He learned a lot then too. She explained to him basic horseback riding techniques in a way even he understood.

Richie caught Ava mid-yawn and stood from the edge of the bed to drop a kiss on her forehead. “Get some sleep babygirl. I love you.”

Ava nodded. “Love you too dad.”

Richie headed back downstairs and after nodding goodbye to Heather, headed out the door and back towards home.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chapter Eight

“Mr. Sambora we have the results from the tests and scans on your daughter and it seems she has been very lucky today, if she wasn’t wearing a helmet her injuries would have been much worse.”  Richie let out a sigh of relief at the doctor’s words relaxing into the seat in the doctor’s office.

“However she does have a concussion, which should take about a week or so to heal. Tonight she should be woken up every two hours and asked simple questions like ‘where are you right now’ just to make sure there is no brain damage.”

“But you just said she’s fine!” Richie’s eyes widened.

“And she most likely is, but we can’t see everything on a scan Mr. Sambora. She also has bruised ribs which will be tender for about two weeks. She should rest and not do any running or other sports. She should stay in bed for the first week.” Richie nodded slowly. His little girl on bed rest
 ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

“Babygirl!” Richie exclaimed as he entered the room and wrapped his arms around the young girl’s shoulders carefully. “How are you feeling?”

Ava grimaced at the hug and pulled back. “I’m fine dad, no biggie.”

 A frown appeared on her father’s face and he looked her over. “Dad it’s nothing. Just a concussion and some bruised ribs. I’ll be good as new in no time.” She spoke while Richie took a seat next to her and grabbed her hand.

“It’s okay. I was just so worried when I got the call, your mom is on her way too.”

The teenager frowned. “Why’d you call her? I’m fine.” She sighed. The blood drained from her face and she fiddled with her thumbs.

“She’s your mother babygirl. She loves you and has every right to know what happened.”

“You do realize that she’s gonna blame you and Lynn right?” She cocked a brow and Richie frowned.
 ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

“How the hell did you allow this?” Heather raised her voice with every word while making grand gestures with her hands. “I knew this was a horrible idea right from the beginning. What about school, huh? Just because you never finished high school doesn’t mean she can just go without it too!”

Richie lowered his head and felt his temper rising. “Ava is happy with her horse, loves the animal even.” He spoke while raising his head to meet her eyes. “This was an accident, it was no one’s fault.”

“Is she here too? That little groupie you have training that animal? Please tell me you at least fired her straight away.”

“No way in hell. Jocelynn is doing a great job with both Oliver and Ava. This wasn’t her fault!” He raised his voice a little, trying his best not to yell.

 “Just because there’s been an accident doesn’t mean that she’s not doing a really good job!” Dark circles around his eyes showed worry for his daughter and anger for his ex-wife. As soon as Heather arrived and was assured by Ava that she wasn’t dying, he took her into a quiet hallway to talk to her about what to do next.

Heather’s eyes were widened and her lips pursed together in a tight line. “I’m taking her home with me. If you wanna see her you can come visit. Until she’s completely recovered she’s not coming near that horse and it’s trainer.”

Richie felt his temper rise to dangerous heights. “Like hell you will! We didn’t do anything wrong Heather! It was completely safe for Ava to go for a ride with Oliver. Any horse would’ve done the same thing when that deer appeared! You’re not taking my daughter away from me!”

He felt his Jon’s hand on his shoulder and turned around, almost ready to blow up again, but before he could say anything Jon threw him a look and turned back to Heather. “Heather surely Ava can come visit in the weekends like she always has. You have shared custody, any changes you should discuss with the lawyers.” Jon spoke calmly, trying to calm down the situation.

Heather huffed and turned on her heel without another word. “Bitch.” Richie muttered as she was out of earshot. He rubbed his temples trying to calm down the raging headache that just started.

 ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

“Ava I’m so sorry about all this.” Jocelynn spoke as she sat down next to the bed. “How are you feeling?”

Ava grinned. “Like I just fell off a horse.”

Jocelynn smiled. “At least your sense of humor didn’t fall out. I’m really glad you’re okay and the way you handled yourself with Oliver today. It could’ve ended way worse if you’d started freaking out too.”

“Thanks Jocelynn.” Ava tried to stiffle a yawn.

Lynn got up from the seat and squeezed Ava’s hand. “Rest for a bit. I’ll see you when you get home.” Turning around she left the room and saw Ava close her eyes as she shut the door.
“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry!” Looking up, she made eye contact with the blonde woman she had nearly knocked to the ground.

“What the hell were you doing in there with my daughter?” Lynn’s eyes widened as Heather stood in front of her with her hands on her hips and one eyebrow cocked up. “I’d like for you to stay away from her. You’ve caused more than enough damage already.”

Lynn frowned and sighed. “I don’t blame you for thinking that, you don’t have enough knowledge about horses to know you’re wrong there.” She spoke slowly. “Also you are not the one to tell me what to do. I genuinely like Ava, she’s a good kid.”

“How dare you talk to me that way. You’re nothing but some groupie who’s trying to fuck my daughter’s father. My ex-husband. He doesn’t fall for trash like you, he has better taste than that.” Heather sneered. “You should go home to New York. Bother people out there.”

Jocelynn merely grinned. “Right. I’ll see you around Heather.” She turned to walk towards the exit and heard Heather huff in frustration behind her, only causing her to smirk. As she was heading towards her car she was lost in thoughts about what to pick up for dinner when someone reached out and grabbed her arm from behind.